durables dur‧a‧bles [ˈdjʊərəblz ǁ ˈdʊr-] noun [plural] ECONOMICS
products that are intended to have a life of more than three years from when they are made or bought; = DURABLE GOODS:

• Spending on durables was down in the period before Christmas.

conˌsumer ˈdurables ECONOMICS COMMERCE
products that people do not buy regularly or often:

• Spending is slowing; especially hard hit are consumer durables — nobody seems to want to buy a new automobile.

— compare consumer non-durables

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durables UK US /ˈdjʊərəblz/ US  /ˈdʊərəblz/ noun [plural] mainly US
DURABLE GOODS(Cf. ↑durable goods)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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